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For DCI parts orders ONLY, there is an 8 WEEK LEAD TIME as they rebuild their facility.
For DCI parts orders ONLY, there is an 8 WEEK LEAD TIME as they rebuild their facility.

Handpiece Makes and Models

High Speeds

  • Adec FG, Jacobs
  • All Japanese Types
  • Alpha-Air Push Buttons
  • Alpha-Light, Push Buttons
  • Bien Air Models
  • Brasseler / NSK - All Models
  • Borden Airotor, Silencer
  • Champion (Champ-Air)
  • Dentex
  • Dyna Surg
  • Healthco Push and Swivel
  • Impact-Air Surgical Models
  • KaVo Contact-Air, Jacobs Models
  • KaVo Bella-Torque, Push Button
  • KaVo 632-642B and 630-640B
  • KaVo Super-Torque, Push Button
  • KaVo - All Models
  • Kinetic, Push Button
  • Lares Standard, Push Button
  • Lynx 333 Std, Grip-Lok
  • Micro Motors
  • Midwest Airdrive 400, Compact
  • Midwest 8000, 8000i
  • Midwest (PEDO) Miniature
  • Midwest Quiet-Air Std, Lever, Push Button
  • Midwest Stylus
  • Midwest In-Sight Std, Lever, Push Button
  • Midwest Tradition Std, Lever, Push Button
  • MK-dent
  • Mytee and Mini Micron
  • NSK / Brasseler Mach-Lite, Push Buttons
  • Pana-Air, New Sigma Models
  • Phatelus I and II, Push Button
  • Ritter Accutorq
  • Sabra Surgical
  • Safco Models, Safco Surgical
  • Schein Master, Classic Model
  • Schein Precision Torque
  • Siemens ML/SL, Push Button
  • Star 430K/430SWL, Push Button
  • Star Futura I and II, Concentrix
  • Star Ultra, Vista Models
  • Ultra Push, Ultra Lok
  • Vector
  • W&H - All Models

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Slow Speeds

  • All Belt Driven Models
  • All Japanese Types
  • Aristocrat (Healthco)
  • Bien Air
  • Brasseler / NSK - All Models
  • Champion (Little Guy)
  • Coastal Little Guy
  • Densco A.F.B.
  • Dentaire Lowspeed
  • Dyna Surg
  • Hygeia Prophy Motors
  • KaVo 181 Series, 182 Model
  • KaVo 2300 INTRAflex Lux Series
  • KaVo All Models
  • Lynx Model
  • Medidenta
  • Megatorq
  • Micro Mega
  • Micro Motors - All LHS / SLS Models
  • Micromite
  • Midwest Rhino
  • Midwest Shorty
  • Midwest Tru-Torc I and II
  • NSK / Brasseler - All Models
  • Patterson Motors
  • Ritter Torqmaster
  • Sabra Lowspeed
  • Safeco TN-102 / TN-10
  • Schein Master Torque
  • Star Titan 5K, 20K
  • Vector
  • W&H Motors

Lab and Electric

  • Bell Internationall
  • Buffalo Dental
  • Kinetic Instruments
  • NSK / Brasseler - All Models
  • Ram Products
  • Osada
  • KaVo- All Models
  • W&H - All Models
  • Many Others

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"In today's business sector it is rare when customer service and quality workmanship go hand in hand. Avtec Dental is a cut above the competition and our first choice for handpiece support and service."

Dr. Steve Crossland and Staff - Charleston, SC

"The Star Turbines that I purchased online from Avtec Dental have performed with the same outstanding quality and reliability as Star originals. Thank you!"

Dr. RK - Hollywood, CA

"I began using Avtec Dental exclusively about 9 years ago and my handpieces now run better, are more consistent and require much less repair work than they ever have. I have been practicing general dentistry for 25 years now and Avtec has been a great investment to my business. They are sincerely the best in the handpiece business!"

Dr. Craig Rhyne - Mount Pleasant, SC

"Thank you for the excellent service. It is a pleasure to work with a company that has such integrity."

Dr. VB - Rockford, IL

"I highly recommend Avtec Dental. The Kavo handpieces that I got from you were delivered promptly and exactly as described. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

Dr. Kenneth Gerber - Sinai, NY

"We have been using Avtec Dental for over 8 years now for our repairs and we have been extremely pleased with the service. Their work is top notch and the turn around time is exceptional!"

Dr. James Nyand - Columbia, SC

"My Star handpiece that I purchased from you proved to be an invaluable and reliable investment. Thank you for your great service too!"

Dr. Robert Kimura - Los Angeles, CA