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NSK Ti-Max X600L Series Handpiece (Std. Head - Fiber Optic - Quattro Spray - Ceramic Bearings)

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NSK Ti-Max X600L Series Handpiece (Std. Head - Fiber Optic - Quattro Spray - Ceramic Bearings)

Extreme Premium Series
- The Satisfaction of  Knowing You Own the Best 

  • Titanium Body with Scratch Resistant DURACOAT
  • ISB Turbine
  • Cellular Glass Optics
  • Clean Head System
  • Push Button Chuck
  • Quattro Spray
  • Power : 21 W
  • Speed : 380,000-440,000 min
  • Standard Head Size: W11.2 x H13.6 mm
  • NSK Optic - X600L (P496)
  • KaVo Optic - X600KL (P858) 
  • W&H (RQ) Optic - X600WLED (P1101)
  • W&H (RA) Optic - X600WHL (P1094) 


Dual Air Jet


The NSK Dual Air Jet generates up to an unrivalled 22W of power. Two narrow air jets propel the high speed turbine blades witch catch the air stream more effectively giving more rotating momentum.

Clean Head System


Clean Head System is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging the life of the bearings.

Solid Titanium Body


Solid Titanium Body is 30% lighter than stainless steel, more durable and corrosion resistant. The reduced weight and well balanced shape give an unmatched tactile sense.

Quattro Water Spray


Quattro Water Spray effectively cools the entire operating field whilst the cellular glass optic rod delivers light exactly where it’s needed.



DURACOAT, NSK’s surface enhancement technology takes advantage of the non allergic and biocompatible properties of titanium to further improve durability. It creates a smooth, scratch resistant surface which is comfortable to hold.

Integrated Shaft Bearings


NSK “ISB” Integrated Shaft Bearings form the inner race. Unification of the shaft and the inner race provide higher rigidity which in turn reduces vibration and guarantees more accurate and consistent cutting.