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NSK Ti-Max X25L 1:1 Contra Angle with Optics (CA Latch Burs)

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NSK Ti-Max X25L 1:1 Contra Angle with Optics (CA Latch Burs)

X Series premium contra-angles feature the latest technology


NSK X Series contra-angles feature the latest technology combined with an elegant yet ergonomic design. X Series contra-angles have been designed without compromise paying attention to every last detail.


Best possible access to the operating field and maximum visibility were the most important criteria during the design process of the instrument body. Unrivalled reliability and superior operator and patient comfort reflect the expertise behind every model of the Ti-Max X Series.



  • 1:1 Direct Drive
  • Single Spray
  • Fiber Optic
  • For CA burs (ø2.35)
  • Max Speed: 40,000 min-1
Ceramic Bearings Ceramic Bearings are 25% harder than conventional steel bearings but are only half the weight. Thus, efficiency and durability is increased.
Water Filter The Water Filter diameter is 0.3mm, thereby preventing substances from entering into turbine and clogging the water curcuit. The water filter enables you to keep optimum water spray cooling.
Clean Head System Clean Head System is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging the life of the bearings.
Solid Titanium Body Solid Titanium Body is 30% lighter than stainless steel; more durable and corrosion resistant. The reduced weight and well balanced shape give an unmatched tactile sense.
Quattro Water Spray Quattro Water Spray (X95L / X95). The NSK Quattro Water Spray effectively cools the entire operating field whilst the Cellular Glass Optics rod delivers light exactly where it is needed.

DURACOAT, NSK’s surface enhancement technology takes advantage of the non allergic and biocompatible properties of titanium to further improve durability to create a smooth, scratch resistant surface which is comfortable to hold.

NSK Autoclavable
All NSK handpieces offer superior durability and long-lasting high performance even after repeated autoclaving at 135°C max.
Thermodisinfector Ready
Thermodisinfector Ready
Disinfecting handpieces prior to autoclaving is a recommendable practice for more effective infection control. The symbol mark on your NSK product means you can cleanse and disinfect the handpiece using a thermodisinfector.



NSK Ti-Max X Series Brochure