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NSK Presto Aqua Lux

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NSK Presto Aqua Lux

Lube-Free Air Turbine Handpiece with LED and Water Spray


Optimum Performance and Precision


PRESTO AQUA LUX enhanced functionality with LED light has been introduced as part of the new line up of the PRESTO AQUA product range used for a wide range of dental laboratory applications: from precision cutting of high-strength ceramics to working with alumina and zirconia, requiring a water spray coolant. 

The PRESTO AQUA LUX with LED is a single device that covers all of the delicate and varied operations in the dental laboratory, assuring high performance and adjustability.



  • Simple and easy removal of the water bottle
  • On-Off function of LED light and water coolant spray
  • Capable of running independently with the incorporated water bottle or connected to mains water supply


  • 320,000 min-1
  • Water coolant spray
  • Requires no lubrication
  • Swivel twist-free handpiece
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Unique dust-proof mechanism
  • NSK LED is equivalent to daylight


Presto Aqua Lux with LED



Presto Aqua Lux Features


Presto Aqua Lux Features


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