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NSK PAL Precision Apex Locator

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NSK PAL Precision Apex Locator

The new NSK advanced digital apex locator accurately measures the length of any Root canal, including dry, wet and bloody canals, and eliminates the problems from using analogue locators. It automatically selects the best possible combination of frequency to meet patient’s canal condition, thus guarantees safer canal interventions and improves patients’ comfort. PAL's large LCD display plus audio signal instantly provides accurate information required for precise canal treatment.


  • Instant accurate measurements
  • Advanced Digital Apex Locator
  • User friendly interface
  • Large Screen for easy monitoring
  • Compact and smart design
  • Audible warning system

Auto Power Shut-off
Ipex automatically shuts off after 10 minutes without use.

Audible Warning System

Audible signal informs clinicians about the progress of the file in the canal.

No Manual Calibration

AAA Battery Operation

Large Display, Plus Audio Signals for Immediate Monitoring

The large PAL display allows immediate precise monitoring of the apical distance. User friendly graphics, plus audio signals, provides the accurate information required for the optimum file position as the instrument tip approaches the Apex. The audio volume is adjustable.

Pal Complete Pack Includes:

  • Control Unit
  • Probe
  • File Clip
  • Lip Hook
  • Extension Cord
  • AAA manganese dry batteries (4 pcs.)


  • Power Supply for 1.5V AAA (LR03 or R03) batteries
  • Continuous use: Approx 50 hours
  • Dimensions: W80 x D80 x H95 (mm)
  • Weight: Unit 185g