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NSK NL400 Electric System with 2 Ti-Max X95L 1:5 Increasing Contra Angles

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NSK NL400 Electric System with 2 Ti-Max X95L 1:5 Increasing Contra Angles

NL400 System with 2 Ti-Max X95L 1:5 Increasing Contra Angles!

Elegant Design. Perfectly Balanced. Unprecedented Power and Torque, Yet Quiet, Compact and Lightweight.

The innnovative Ti-Max NL400 Brushless Micro Motor system, combining user-friendly ergonomic design features with patented technology, will be an outstanding addition to your practice. NSK's NL400 is the world's lightest electric micromotor for dental use. Yet, it generates powerful 3.0 Ncm torque delivering the ideal balance of rotation speed and torque required for all types of clinical procedures. Its 180 degree Vector Control assures smooth and stepless control throughout the entire speed range. With lower torque ripple ratio, the NL400 offers vibration-free operation for outstanding comfort and long-term reliable performance.

Combo Sytem Includes: Control unit, AC adaptor, and Ti-Max E-Type micromotor with cord, 2 X95L 1:5 Speed Increasing Handpieces.

  • Powerful 3.0 Ncm torque for all types of clinical procedures
  • Smooth and quiet operation with 180° Vector Contro
  • Virtually no heat generation
  • Shorter and the lightest micromotor in its class
  • Ideal balance by a compact solid titanium body
  • Excellent durability assuring a longer life
  • Autoclavable titanium brushless micromotor
Ti-Max NL400 Brushless Micromotor Portable System
- Optic micromotor with cord for NL400U
- Solid Titanium Body
- Autoclavable
- 2,000 - 40,000 rpm

The NL400 control unit is easily integrated into your operatory. Any air powered dental unit can operate the system, which plugs directly into any 4-hole tubing, allowing the use of your existing foot control.

-Portable system 


Powerful Torque
NL400 offers powerful torque, maximum of 3.0 Ncm, that outperforms other brands' products in equivalent class. Rotation speed is smoothly controlled between 2,000 and 40,000min-1.
Quiet Smooth Operation
NSK Vector Control reduces torque ripples and minimises heat generation, resulting in vibration-free rotation and outstanding performance.
Well-balanced Solid Titanium Body
Made of solid titanium, NL400 micromotor offers well-balanced and light weight body for all hand sizes.
Wide Speed Range with Precise Control
NL400 with a wide speed range between 100 - 200,000 min-1 provides smooth operation with assorted NSK low speed handpieces.
Autoclavable & Durable Brushless Micromotor
In combination with its brushless design eliminating the need of carbon brush replacement, NL400 is extremely durable and autoclavable at 135°C max.