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NSK Hygiene Pro Cordless Standard Pack

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NSK Hygiene Pro Cordless Standard Pack

Our Best Selling Hygiene Handpiece


  • This Hygiene Pro Standard Pack (120V) Includes: Hygiene Pro motor, NE140 Charging Base, and PR-F Head for disposable prophy cups.
  • The cordless micromotor is especially suited for Hygienist prophylaxis applications.
  • Slim, lightweight and well-balanced body design offers excellent operability and comfort in use, helping to reduce hands fatigue in prolonged prophylaxis procedures.


Control Panel Features:

  • Battery light indicator for battery shortage
  • Speed setting and power on/off button
  • Head gear ratio color indicators for 4:1 head
  • Selected speed light indicator
  • 9 predetermined speed settings for each gear ratio
  • Speed Range 500-2,500 rpm's
  • No need to reset speed at start up (previous settings are memorized)
  • Quick release system to exchange various heads.

Differences from EndoMate TC:

  • TC has torque control
  • TC comes with a 16:1 head
  • TC speed readout primarily used for 16:1 head

Difference from Taskal Wizard:

  • Hygiene Pro does not have reverse feature
  • Hygiene Pro speed readout only calculated for 4:1 head

The Hygiene Pro Cordless uses same charging base as the EndoSequence, EndoMate TC and Taskal Wizard Cordless handpieces. Heads are not compatible with NSK's Taskal 7 and Endo-Mate 2 (discontinued) Charging base originally has 3 charging lights. In 2006 the base was charged to have only 1 charging light.

Usage Tips: 90 minute charge delivers 1 hour of continuous use. You can choose 2 rotation modes by pressing the on/off switch. If you keep pressing the switch during a treatment, the rotation keeps rotating until your finger leaves from the switch. And, if you press the switch for a moment, the rotation will stop until you press the switch again. The motor turns off after 10 minutes of no operation as an energy saving method. THIS HANDPIECE IS NOT AUTOCLAVEABLE. The Hygiene Pro Cordless should really only be used on standard prophy cases, not those with heavy stains. The motor uses 2 rechargeable AAA batteries (nickel metal hydride) for easy replacement.

Spare Parts (retail):

  • Y140987 NE140 Battery Charger 120V - $209.95
  • Y140988 Endo Mate TC Sequence 230V Charger allows our cordless handpieces to be charged in 230V outlets, - $214.95
  • U438550 Power cord - $6.25
  • Y900103 Batteries pack of 2 - $31.95
  • Z256090 F-type Spray Nozzle for use with PanaSpray - $10.50
  • H209 PR-F Head - $184.95
  • E288001 Motor Only - $414.95