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NSK EX-204 E-Type Air Motor Handpiece Pack (22000 rpm)

$635.95  $748.00
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NSK EX-204 E-Type Air Motor Handpiece Pack (22000 rpm)

NSK EX-204 Air Motor Pack (EX-204+EX-6B+NAC-EC)
ISO E-Type 

The NSK EX-204 motor has unparalleled value in the dental industry.  What you will get with this handpiece motor is quiet, low vibration, and long lasting operation. 


  • Forward and reverse direction control
  • Speed limitationVariable speed in either forward or reverse
  • 1:1 Direct Drive
  • Non-Retraction Valve
  • Quick Handpiece Attachment
  • Max speed 22000 min-1
  • Capability to attach to ALL brands of ISO E-type handpieces
  • All Autoclavable component


1 -  Air Motor  (EX-204)
1 - Straight Handpiece (EX-6B)
1 - Contra Angle Handpiece (NAC-EC)