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Nouvag 5052 LED Implant Handpiece 20:1 (Button Type)

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Nouvag 5052 LED Implant Handpiece 20:1 (Button Type)

The Nouvag LED push button contra angle with 20:1 gear reduction is the standard instrument for the brushless motor systems: Nouvag MD 11Nouvag MD 30TCM 3000. It meets requirements for drilling in bone, cutting threads, and slowly turning in implants. The built in LED Light generator gives the clear view you need in daily business.  This handpiece will convert any non-optic implant motor to bright, LED light.


  • Dynamo LED light system turns any non optic implant motor into LED
  • Dismantleable in 3 parts for easy cleaning
  • Natural white light for realistic color rendering
  • Internal and external cooling system
  • Light independent from control unit due to integrated generato
  • Max Torque of 80 Nc
  • Spray nozzl
  • For drill bits shank diameter 2.35 mm




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