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MK-dent Synthetic Lubricant for KaVo Quatrocare Machine

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MK-dent Synthetic Lubricant for KaVo Quatrocare Machine


Described as exceptionally pure, MK-dent synthetic handpiece lubricant is formulated to extend instruments' lifespan. The lubricant lessens friction to provide a lower working temperature and enhanced power, it also reduces deposits and protects against wear. In addition, it can withstand sterilization and is offered in 500 ml. spray can. High Performance: Keep in mind that your instruments spin up to 420,000 rpm. This maximum requirement needs a certain oil. Protect your instruments from premature wear and tear with MK-dent Premium Handpiece Synthetic Lubricant and Cleaner. Made in Germany
Use for KaVo Quatrocare Lubrication Station


● All-Synthetic Special Oil for Lubrication & Cleaning of any well known brand handpieces.
● Use for: High Speeds, Slow Speeds, Nosecones, Electric Contra Angles and Head Attachments.
● Premium Quality An all-synthetic special oil with the highest purity class in combination with the best quality additives formulated to give your hardworking instruments a much longer lifespan.
● Advantages compared to standard mineral oil lubrication:
● Lower working temperature and more power because of less friction
● Less deposits
● Less consumption, more economical
● Better flow and allocation behavior
● Better wear protection, thus a longer lifespan
● Excellent material compatibility
● Higher performance
● A second lubrication after sterilization is not needed. Using this lubricant will not void manufacturer's warranty.
● Made in Germany
● 500 ml.
● Dealer inquiries are welcome