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Jetpolisher 2000 Dental Air Polisher

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Jetpolisher 2000 Dental Air Polisher

Jetpolisher 2000 Dental Air Polisher


Imagine an airpolisher with all the convenience of a handheld or pencil-type Prophy polisher, but without the clogging and wrist fatigue. Simple to use, a snap to maintain, with consistently excellent results – prophy after prophy, it’s time to take a look at the JETPOLISHER 2000™ for your practice.


Completely portable in under a minute, yet with all the features of a standard countertop unit. Produces gentle yet thorough, sparkling prophys in half the time it takes for hand scaling alone. And for about HALF the price of the industry’s best-known polisher.


Advanced compact, non-clogging airpolishing system for about HALF the price of a standard countertopolisher.   ONLY airpolisher FDA cleared for use around implants!* 



  • Non-clogging nozzle due to exclusive H.S.T. technology.
  • Harmless to titanium implants.
  • No installation required, completely portable, and can be moved easily from room to room (measures just 3.5” x 3.5” x 7.5”).
  • Connects directly to existing handpiece tubing (30-35 psi) via 2-3 hole or 4 hole connectors (Kavo, W&H, Sirona connectors also available).
  • Uses existing dental unit’s foot pedal.
  • Lightweight and easy on the wrist.
  • Fully detachable autoclavable handpiece and water control knob to prevent cross-infection.
  • Large, easy-view powder reservoir.
  • 2 year warranty.


Clinical Applications

Jetpolisher 2000 Dental Air Polisher Clinical Applications


Better Airpolishing Technology

The JetPolisher 2000™  (airpolishing system) and the JetSonic 2000M™(combination airpolishing and scaling system) feature  Deldent’s exclusive, patented Homogenous Stream Technology (H.S.T.)™.
The Homogenous Stream Technology (H.S.T.) mixes air, water, and sodium bicarbonate powder together within a single nozzle to produce a homogenous stream, unlike other airpolishing systems in which there are separate nozzles for water and powder streams.

Benefits of the H.S.T. System Include:

  • Virtual elimination of nozzle clogging.
  • A more efficient polishing stream, so only 35 psi of air pressure is needed.
  • A gentler, softer polishing action because sodium bicarbonate particles begin to soften within the spray head
  • The JetPolisher 2000 and the JetSonic 2000M’s polishing unit are harmless to titanium implant surfaces and are the ONLY polishers cleared by the FDA for use around titanium implants.*

* for cleaning around implants under dentures




"This academic year we added the Deldent JetPolisher to our armamentarium. Faculty and students alike report that the JetPolisher is: student friendly, efficient, and easy to maintain. The simple design prevents installation errors that disable other company’s units by not allowing water to enter the powder lines. Similarly trouble shooting and corrections can easily be performed on site. All this translates into a cost effective machine that meets our teaching and patient care needs."


Renee S. Cornett, RDH, MBA
Chair, Department of Dental Hygiene
Austin Community College


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