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iFlex Periotome Set

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iFlex Periotome Set

iFlex Periotome, A Blade With Memory!


This set includes all three different blade configurations, straight, angled and reverse angled. They are intended to gently separate the periodontal ligaments from the tooth with minimal trauma to the tissue. They are not intended to leverage a tooth.


iFlex Straight periotomes are indicated for buccal and lingual/palatal sides of the tooth, while the angled periotomes are for the mesial and distal sides of the tooth.



  • The only one like it in the industry!
  • Unique design allows the tip to flex without breaking and always return to original shape
  • Strong, one-piece construction
  • A tremendous value


Detail Image - Straight iFlex Peritome

iFlex Periotome - Straight



Detail Image - Angled iFlex Peritome

iFlex Periotome - Angled Detail Image



Detail Image - Reverse Angled iFlex Peritome


Detail Image - Reverse Angled iFlex Peritome