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EX01 Surgical Tip for SurgyStar - For Extractions

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EX01 Surgical Tip for SurgyStar - For Extractions

SurgyStar Medical Tip EX01


Flatten mess for root exodontias.  For Apicoectomy.


Use with SurgyStar Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery.



  • Useful for simple and complex extraction enclosed tips.
  • Mess for Periodontal ligament osteotomy or periradicular osteotomy.
  • Use on low power.
  • When extracting remaining root rests.
  • Easy removal can be made even in case of impacted third molars as well as of other hard to extract teeth.
  • Easy extraction of teeth without damaging the bone of the thin Labial Plate and Buccal Plate about the anterior teeth.
  • Applied to Ridge expansion techniques aimed at narrow areas.
  • Used for bone surgery for both orthopedic and cosmetic purposes.