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VISTA Premium Tunneling Kit

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Current price $1,412.00

Premium VISTA Tunneling kit
Vestibular Incision Subperiosteal Tunnel Access Technique (VISTA) is used in mucogingival surgery to separate tissue for root coverage. Specially designed hand instruments allow surgeons to repair root coverage issues with minimal trauma using this subperiosteal tunnel access technique. The repair of instances of poor root coverage is accomplished with a vertical incision into the vestibule. This limits trauma providing ideal results with limited pain for the patient.

Kit Includes

  • NX-VISTA1TG - VISTA 1 Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • NX-VISTA2TG - VISTA 2 Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • NX-VISTA3TG - VISTA 3 Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • NX-VISTA4TG - VISTA 4 Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • NX-VISTA5TG - VISTA 5 Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • NX-VISTA6TG - VISTA 6 Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • 51-12-30C - Laschal Feather-Lite, Curved 30 Degree, Periodontal Scissors, 145mm
  • NX-AT - Atraumatic Tweezers, Serrated, 160mm.
  • 7TCL/R - Castroviejo Needle Holder, Flexible, Straight, TC, 180mm.
  • TF-S - Laschal Universal Tunneling Forceps.
  • NX-CS14C - 14 Piece Instrument Cassette with Adjustable Divider, Lattice

Gold Titanium - A ceramic plasma coating of Titanium Nitride is used to coat the tips of stainless-steel instruments to prevent corrosion, preserve sharpness, & prevent wear.

Snagless Needle Holder - Featherlite Castroviejo Traditional needle holders with traditional locking mechanism and fine tips, will strongly grasp any size needle without splaying. Lighter than titanium, with greater survivorship. Featherlite needle holders will not break, loosen, or rust and there is no joint to snag suture material during instrument ties. For very delicate muco-gingival surgery.

Featherlite ScissorsSpecialty Featherlite Design Scissors have a 300% increase in shearing bias, guaranteeing consistent cutting at the tip with greater cutting efficiency and less crushing when used for cutting tissue. May be ordered with custom serration and/or having the handle length increased by 2.5cm.

Tunneling Forceps Micro thin forceps and simplified method for the placement of tunnel connective tissue grafts. The Micro thin design allows for uninterrupted passage through tunnel. Straight angulation is ideal for all areas and applications. Pressure limiting construction; maximal closure and locking will not damage graft. Diamond coated for slip resistance.

Please contact us if you would like to customize this kit

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