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Simple Extraction Kit

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Simple Extraction Kit

The Simple Extraction Kit is a basic solution for root extraction. Upper and lower forceps are included which can extract most teeth in the mouth. Periotomes are also included for atraumatic extraction. Serrated curettes are used to clean granulated tissue out of sockets. Finally, periosteal elevators are used for socket flap elevation. The simple extraction kit is a perfect entry level kit which includes only the necessities for tooth extraction. 

  • NX-FP3 – Upper Universal Atraumatic Forcep
  • NX-FP8 – Lower Universal Atraumatic Forcep
  • NX-LU84STG – 84 Lucas Serrated Curette, Titanium
  • NX-LU86STG – 86 Lucas Serrated Curette, Titanium
  • NX-MO9TG – Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator, Titanium
  • NX-BSRTG – Buser Periosteal Elevator, Titanium
  • NX-PT1STG – PT1 Posterior Periotome, Titanium
  • NX-PT2STG – PT2 Anterior Periotome, Titanium

This kit can be customized to your preferences, please call in for alterations

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