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Premium Periodontal Surgical Kit
The Premium Periodontal Surgical Kit can be used for a variety of tissue grafting procedures. The instruments provided are made of the high quality stainless-steel, ensuring a long working life and predictable results.

Kit Includes

  • NX-CP12 - CP12 Probe
  • NX-AT - Atraumatic Tweezers, Serrated, 160mm
  • NX-BSC1TG - Graft Packer/ Scoop #1, Titanium
  • NX-BSRTG - Buser Periosteal Elevator, Flat Tip, Titanium
  • NX-MHENDO - Endodontic Mirror with Scale
  • NX-MIRCSF5 - #5 Mirror, Front Surface, Cone Socket
  • NX-GFCSTC - Goldman Fox Scissors, Serrated, TC, 130mm
  • NX-ORB12TG - 1/2 Orban Knife, Titanium
  • NX-PPAELATG - PPAELA Micro Tunneling Instrument, Titanium
  • NX-PRICHTG - Prichard Periosteal Elevator, Titanium
  • NX-RT-MIN-M - Minnesota Retractor, Matte Finish
  • NX-CORN45 - Corn Suture Forceps, Serrated, 45 Degrees, 160mm
  • NX-SH5X - #5 Round Scalpel Handle, 145mm
  • NX-TI1TG - Tunneling Instrument #1, Titanium
  • 7TCL/R - Castroviejo Needle Holder, Flexible, Straight, TC, 180mm
  • NX-CS14C - 14 Piece Instrument Cassette with Adjustable Divider, Lattice

Gold Titanium - A ceramic plasma coating of Titanium Nitride is used to coat the tips of stainless-steel instruments to: prevent corrosion, preserve sharpness, & prevent wear.

Snagless Needle Holder - Featherlite Castroviejo Traditional needle holders with a traditional locking mechanism and fine tips, will strongly grasp any size needle without splaying. Lighter than titanium, with greater survivorship. Featherlite needle holders will not break, loosen or rust and there is no joint to snag suture material during instrument ties. For very delicate muco-gingival surgery.

Please contact us if you would like to customize this kit

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