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Premium Multi-Bone Spreading System

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Premium Multi Bone Spreading System – Bone Expander Kit

Dental bone expansion, also referred to as ridge expansion, is a procedure designed to expand the alveolar ridge to allow for the placement of dental implants. Expansion can allow for immediate implant placement, or, in some cases, can be used with bone block materials to graft the alveolar ridge before performing implant placement. A bone expander kit can be used to efficiently expand the ridge, with all key instruments included in a single package.

Dental Implant Technologies offers the most reliable and cost-effective bone expander kits available for clinicians. Explore the features of our Premium Multi Bone Spreading System (SKU: SD-BMS), how it is used, and order for delivery to any practice in the United States.

The Most Comprehensive Bone Expander Kit

Our Premium Multi Bone Spreading System is our most comprehensive bone expander kit. Standard kits include all the tools necessary to perform bone expansion in most cases. However, in more complex cases where the inner and outer portions of the ridge need to be separated for implant or graft placement, specialized spreading adaptors may need to be used. Spreading adaptors can completely separate the ridge, unlike bone expansion screws that condense bone with some separation.

This bone expander kit includes:

  • 1x 4.0mm Square Ratchet.
  • 1x 7.0mm and 1x 8.0mm saw.
  • 3x Spreading Pins.
  • 3x Spreading Pin Adaptors.
  • 1x Spreading Pin Driver.
  • 1x Contouring Bur
  • 1x 2.0mm Osteotomy Drill.
  • 1x Auto Mill for Bone Harvesting.
  • 1x Splitting Chisel
  • 1x Latch to Square Adaptor for Use with an Implant Handpiece.
  • 5x Tapered Bone Expander Drills/Screws ranging from 1.8mm to 4.5mm.

Bone expander drills should be hand driven or used with an implant handpiece at slow speed (40 – 50 RPM).

Using Bone Expander Drills for Single Implant Placement

Our premium bone expander kit allows expansion for either single or multiple implants in a row.

When placing single implants in thin alveolar bone, the tapered bone expander drills should be used. An initial osteotomy is created with the pilot drill to the desired depth. This should be consistent with the length of the final intended dental implant.

Bone expander drills are then used sequentially until an osteotomy is created to match that of the intended implant. Our bone expander drills are tapered and marked for easy reference so that clinicians can track the size of the osteotomy. Drills should be left to settle for up to one minute when working up through the sizes sequentially.

The use of bone expander drills condenses bone and expands the ridge, without splitting it.

Using Our Bone Expansion Kit to Split the Ridge

Our premium bone expansion kit contains all the necessary tools to split and separate the ridge.

For expansion and separation, the ridge should be exposed and cut both vertically and horizontally with our round saws. The splitting chisel should be worked along the horizontal cut to initially separate the ridge.

The spreading pins from our bone expansion kit can be inserted and spread in linear sequence using our spreading adaptor. The pins should be turned slowly to spread the ridge evenly. Implant fixtures should be placed individually, removing one spreading adaptor at a time to maintain the position of the newly expanded ridge.

Our bone expansion kit provides an auto mill for bone harvesting and grafting the ridge. Autologous bone can be harvested from the patient, or clinicians may prefer to use solutions like bone allograft. Dental Implant Technologies supplies an extensive range of bone grafting products and regenerative supplies for dental clinicians. Browse our bone grafting instruments, and our regenerative products (including sutures, membranes, and grafting materials).

The Advantages of a Premium Bone Expander Kit

The key advantage of our premium bone expander kit is that it allows for both bone expansion and spreading.

Bone expansion with screws can allow for some spreading of the ridge although screws/drills aren’t designed for separation. Our premium kit allows for separation to provide solutions for the most extreme cases of alveolar loss or deformation. With a bone expansion kit that includes all of the necessary tools to condense, expand, and spread the ridge, clinicians are covered in any surgical scenario. Our kit even includes a contouring bur to allow clinicians to flatten the bone in preparation for spreading or expansion.

Our instruments are made from the highest quality materials, are fully autoclavable, and are included in a cassette for storage and sterilization.

Get the Best Bone Expansion Instruments

Dental Implant Technologies supplies the most reliable bone expansion and spreading instruments for clinicians. Order our premium multi-bone expander kit or browse all of our bone expansion kits to find the perfect solution for any clinical scenario.

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