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Premium Crown Removing Kit

Original price $494.00
Original price $494.00 - Original price $494.00
Original price $494.00
Current price $395.00
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Current price $395.00


Kit Includes:

• NX-CCRS - Christensen Crown Remover Straight

• NX-WCRTC - Wyman Crown Gripper/Remover - TC

• NX-CRSILICON - Silicon TIp Crown Gripper/Remover

• NX-CSF - Crown Spreading Forceps

• NX- ACR - Automatic Crown Remover - Includes 3 tips and tooling

Automatic Crown Remover - A spring-powered automatic crown remover removes all temporary and most permaent restorations easiely by applying a quick tap on the crown margin. Simply squeeze the handle, no resetting is needed. 

Crown Spreading Forceps - To use this instrument, simply section the existing crown and place the beaks in the slot and squeeze the handle to spread the crown.

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