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NSK Pana Max Plus Handpiece PAP-SU M4 - Standard Head

SKU P1022
by NSK
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High performance reliable handpieces at an affordable price!

The Pana-Max PLUS series of high speed handpieces has been enhanced to meet expectations in modern dental surgeries. Precision engineered to offer the power and reliability required to perform clinical procedures. The new Pana-Max turbine cartridge delivers increased smoothness, while the bur retention system has been engineered to securely retain the bur under increased torque loads. The stainless steel body is comfortable in the hand and is angulated at the optimum degree for excellent direct visibility of the operating site, without compromise.

  • Standard head 4 hole fixed - PAP-SU M4 (P1022)

Push Button Chuck is NSK's original mechanism that provides tensions to the bur grip during rotation. It allows one-touch bur insertion and removal without the need for tools. The bur lock mechanism is designed so that bur retention strength increases when high loads are applied to the bur.

NSK “ISB” Integrated Shaft Bearings In the NSK ISB, the shaft itself forms the inner race. Unification of the shaft and the inner race provide higher rigidity which in reduces vibration and guarantees more accurate and consistent cutting.

Quattro Water Spray The NSK Quattro Spray effectively cools the entire surface of the bur with a highly cooling effect, leaving no areas untreated.

Cartridges are easily replaced in your practice helping you reduce costs and down-time. The replacement cartridge incorporates spray holes to guarantee cartridge and water spray always work.

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