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Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator, Titanium

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Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator, Titanium

  • Used to elevate the periosteum
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • 5 year warranty
  • Titanium coating increases longevity

Molt Elevator 9 Periosteal Titanium-Gold Elevator

Safely severing and elevating dental tissue is easier and more consistent when using reliable instruments. The Molt elevator is designed for versatility when performing procedures at the anterior and posterior regions.

Order the highest quality instruments from Dental Implant Technologies and enjoy the smoothest possible chairside workflow.

Gold Titanium Molt Elevators

Stainless steel is the most reliable material used for dental instruments, offering durability to ensure consistent performance throughout the lifetime of the item. Gold Titanium elevators are coated in a titantium nitride material.

More than just altering the color of the instrument tips, this material increases corrosion resistance. Being able to resist corrosion is one of the most important properties of any dental instrument. As they instruments come into contact with liquids, including body fluids, the risk of corrosion with an inferior material would be high. In addition to adding corrosion resistance, the coating helps to preserve the overall shape and edge of Molt elevators.

Our gold titanium tipped elevators are sold with a five-year warranty.

The Unique Molt Elevator Shape

The goal of a periosteal elevator is to cut and separate the periodontal tissue and root networks. Elevators, unlike probes, are also strong enough to gradually elevate a tooth so that it can be safely removed using forceps, without difficulty. Rather than simply pulling a tooth from its socket, which would be incredibly traumatic, efficient use of a Molt elevator will separate the tooth from soft tissue first, so that the use of forceps is atraumatic.

The unique shape of a Molt elevator makes it possible to work on teeth around the mouth without complication. There is a thin end for reflection and a larger shovel-shaped end for retraction.

Ergonomics for Comfort and Safety

Ergonomics are important when considering dental instruments. Tools that lack ergonomic design can be uncomfortable and difficult to work with. In the worst-case scenario, these unergonomic tools could cause fatigue, leading to mistakes or added time during a dental procedure.

Molt elevators, including the Molt 9 elevator, are designed with two heads for multi-function, and a textured grip surface. The handle is textured with three-dimensional grooves, channels, and knobs to ensure grip throughout the procedure. This prevents slipping while enabling overall stability. The instrument is suitable for all hand sizes.

An Essential Instrument for any Surgical Inventory

The Molt elevator design is commonly used for atraumatic tooth extraction, and it can complement other designs that are frequently used in the dental office. Dental Implant Technologies offers a broad range of high-quality dental instruments. You can browse all our periosteal elevators today, or our complete range of instruments suited to general practice, implant dentistry, and a range of restorative procedures.

Cleaning and Sterilizing Molt Elevators

Molt elevators like the Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator can be cleaned and sterilized following your standard in-office procedures.

  • Hand washing with a non-abrasive brush using a neutral-pH detergent can remove most of the biomaterials from a periosteal elevator after a dental procedure.
  • Ultrasonic bathing is the most commonly used method of deep cleaning metal instruments.
  • Final sterilization can be achieved with an autoclave system.

Titanium nitride coating provides similar properties to stainless steel, helping to inhibit bacterial and viral activity on the surface. The material will resist corrosion and damage when properly cared for and stored.

Order Molt Elevators from Dental Implant Technologies

With our secure online store, you can order the most reliable Molt elevators for your practice. Order in confidence and enjoy our competitive prices, high-quality instruments, and direct delivery to your dental office.

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