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Hammer Handpiece Only

Original price $438.00
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Original price $438.00
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Current price $405.00
This reciprocating handpiece has a slender, contoured grip and impact adjusting ring for precise hammering work.

  • Hammer action engages ONLY when light pressure is applied. This prevents unintended marring or marks and allows precise placement of tool tip.
  • Force of impact adjusts from light to full by turning the knurled metal ring while the motor is off or running.
  • Speed of the hammer action can be varied from 0– 2,500 strokes per minute using the control box dial.
  • Coiled cord connects the handpiece to the Control Unit.

6-1/4″ Long, 9/16″ Diameter at grip, 1″ at motor, 13 oz/369g. DC30V/1.5A. CE marked.
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