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Bonart M3II Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler

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Bonart M3II Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler

Improved features and functions of the ART-M3 Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler, this system has our unique "AGC" (Auto Gain Control), and an LCD digital display screen that shows scaling mode and power setting.

System is available in either 25KHz or 30KHz stand-alone system. Up to a maximum power setting of 50 with auto tune system that locks in the frequency and stabilize power setting.

The well-equipped feature called "AGC" (Auto Gain Control) stabilizes the power setting and prevents stalling during scaling operation. System comes with a built in LCD digital screen that displays the mode and power setting, and allows the user to choose from Scaling, Perio and Endo mode with one turn of the knob, and an easy to access water control knob at the front control panel. System includes 1 plastic grip internal flow insert and 1 metal grip external flow insert.