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Balloon for Sinus Lifts

SME 1400x
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Balloon for Sinus Lifts

Looking for the secret to perfect sinus lifts? Try the Sinus Lift Balloon. These unique balloons make it easy to perform an atraumatic membrane elevation. All you have to do is remember this simple formula while inflating the balloon with the syringe: 1cc of saline equals 6mm of membrane elevation.

It couldn't be any easier! This innovative product gives predictable results, decreases surgical time and minimizes the possibility of membrane tears. A typical single-tooth or multi-tooth procedure that generally takes 30 to 45 minutes will probably take 10 to 15 minutes with the Sinus Lift Balloon.

Graft material required is in direct proportion to the amount of fluid used to inflate the balloon: 1cc of fluid will require 1cc of graft material.

Three different configurations are available. The straight model features a 3.1mm diameter shaft and has a 4cc capacity. It is typically used for the osteotome, socket or closed technique through an extraction site.

The micro-mini model has a 1.9mm shaft and has a 1.5cc capacity. It is typically used for entry through the implant osteotomy site when placing a very small implant.

The angled model also has a 3.1mm shaft and 4cc capacity. It is designed for an antral approach using the Caldwell-Luc window or open technique.


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