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NSK VOLVERE Vmax E-Type Micromotor System


NSK VOLVERE Vmax E-Type Micromotor System

NSK’s Best-Seller Laboratory Motor Gets Even Better

Vmax is the latest model of VOLVERE series, one of the most popular and long-seller dental laboratory motors. Through years of continuous improvements, Vmax now offers unparalleled performance, controllability and durability.The new stylish control unit can be placed either vertically or horizontally, or with an optional free-arm stand at a space-critical workplace. EMC-compliant coreless motor delivers excellent under-load speed stability, together with higher power efficiency and minimal bow and flutter.


Vmax offers unparalleled performance, controllability and durability. The stylish control unit can be placed either vertically or horizontally, or with an optional free-arm stand in a space-critical workplace.


System Includes:

  • Control Unit
  • Standard Straight Micromotor
  • Foot pedal
  • Handpiece Stand


  • Speed range of 1,000 ~ 35,000 min-1
  • Powerful torque, high efficiency coreless micromotor
  • Optimal control by microprocessor
  • Self diagnosis with audible signals
  • Auto cruise function
  • Error code display function
  • Space-saving design allowing either vertical or horizontal setting
  • Optional handpiece cradle and Free-arm stand
  • EMC compliant*
          *EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)


Vmax Control Unit
-Power Supply : AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
-Dimensions : W95 x D190 x H180 (mm)
-Weight : 2.0 kg



Micromotor (E-Type)
-Speed : 1,000 - 35,000 min-1
-Max Power : 71W
-Max Torque : 4.1 Ncm
-Dimentions : L130 x Ø24.5 (mm)
-Weight (without cord) : 200 g
-Cord Length : 1.2 m




Powerful Torque & High Efficiency Coreless Micromotor
Thanks to its coreless design that generates less rotational momentum, Vmax’s coreless motor offers the utmost controllability with minimal wow and flutter. Compared with conventional motors, it also provides higher power efficiency and powerful yet even torque throughout the entire speed range.
Space-Saver Eco Design
The control unit can be placed either vertically or horizontally. For use at a space-critical laboratory, it can be set with an optional free-arm stand.
Easy-to-read Speed Indicator
Double-digit display clearly indicates accurate rotation speed during operation.
Auto Cruise Function
Auto Cruise function enables you to automatically maintain a given speed level without controlling via foot pedal. Before starting the motor, press the Auto Cruise button and confirm the indicator light is on. Then start the motor. When it is reached to desired speed, hold the speed for over 1 second to activate Auto Cruise. No more foot fatigue when you continue the same work for certain period of time.
Error Code Display Function
The error code display helps you to make trouble-shooting faster and easier.
Optional Handpiece Cradle & Free-arm Stand
Optional handpiece cradle and free-arm stand for the control unit are available.
Unique Dust-Proof Design
Unique dust-proof mechanism prevents debris to enter into the bearings, ensuring longer life of the motor.


NSK VOLVERE Vmax Product Brochure