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NSK Surgic Pro+ Implant Motor System (Optic)

NSK Surgic Pro+ Implant Motor System (Optic)

Surgic Pro+


The NSK Surgic Pro is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system incorporating the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC). By individually calibrating each handpiece to the micromotor, AHC absolutely guarantees accurate speed and torque control, consistent with the real time performance exhibited on the LCD.


The inbuilt availability of a wide range of speed and torque settings allows Clinicians to use Surgic Pro with any implant system brand. Maximum safety through all speed and torque settings is without compromise.



  • Control unit with data storage facility
  • SGL70M LED Micromotor
  • FC-78 foot control
  • X-SG20L Optic Handpiece (20:1 reduction)
  • Irrigation tubing (5 pcs.) and other accessories


The Professional Choice



Shorter and Lighter Shorter and Lighter, this new surgical micromotor is 16.2mm shorter and weighs 42g less compared to the conventional optic micromotor.
LED illumination helps the clinicians to focus more easily on the treatment area and contributes to precise surgery.
Control Unit Control Unit with Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) – High Torque Accuracy guarantees extremely accurate speed and torque for maximum safety during operation.
Data Storage Facility Data storage facility can record the date, speed, rotational direction, torque, gear ratio, coolant solution flow volume up to 100min, with no special software needed.
* only Surgic Pro+
Data Accessibility Treatment Data Accessibility Treatment data can be accessed and downloaded using a USB* memory stick. *USB memory stick is not included.
* only Surgic Pro+
The Link Function The Link Function
You can operate both the implant motor Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3 ultrasonic bone surgery system with a single foot control by linking the two units with the link cable.
Put the two units on the Link Stand and create a compact and space saving, all encompassing surgical treatment centre. The two systems can also be installed together compactly with a Link Stand that takes up minimal space.





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